Commercial HVAC & Air Conditioning Contractor

Our industrial HVAC services will keep your building cool even in the warmest Michigan summers. In addition to air conditioning service and installation, we also offer air quality maintenance to reduce dirt and allergens distributed by your fan and cooling system.

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Mechanical AC Service in Michigan

When the 90 degree heat strikes, the last thing you need to worry about in your building is your AC system. It's best not to wait until your system has failed, but in any event we can diagnose and restore your system to its full capacity. Often when we install updated components your commercial air system will operate better than when it was new.

We Repair, Design & Install Central Air Conditioning Systems

Your commercial cooling system may be roof or service mounted. Either way, our trained team of technicians are equipped to restore your building to maximum comfort. We stock a wide range of repair parts on our trucks to limit the amount of time that it takes to get your system back up and running.

While some other companies stop at AC refrigerant, we also pay special consideration to the ventilation, and filtered air quality of your central air conditioning system. A proper air coolant filtration system will reduce the costs that creep up due to sickness and allergies.

Indoor Environment

Your HVAC system has a major impact on keeping your employees, tenants and customers happy. However, keeping your air conditioning and fan system in good working order doesn't just affect basic comfort it also has a strong relation to your company's bottom line.

A poorly planned maintained mechanical air system can have a huge impact on your monthly operating costs as you try to manipulate the system to efficiently cool all areas properly. If you have to crank the air higher than necessary to cool certain areas you're losing money. Moore Brothers Commercial can help.