Furnace Repair & Commercial Heating Contractor

For over 30 years Moore Brothers Commercial has kept Michigan's residents warm in the harshest winters. We provide full service commercial heating repair and installation. From the design & build phase, to furnace maintenance & repair we have you covered. Our in house metal fabrication lab even allows us to fix furnaces when others can't!

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Commercial Furnace Repair

Cold Michigan fall and winter temperatures make properly operating furnace essential to creating a comfortable environment for your employees, tenants, students or visitors. If your furnace won't turn on, or is operating less than optimally, our professional heating repair can restore your dwelling to its full capacity.

We will offer a free estimate of your cost so you know what to expect before we begin. In addition the work our heating technicians perform is guaranteed without overtime charges.

We are available 24 hours a day for your emergency furnace and boiler repair needs.

Commercial Furnace Maintainance

Maintaining your furnace can go a long way to ensuring a long life. Call us today to have our heating technicians perform routine tasks such as cleaning and replacing filters, ensuring your thermostat is functioning properly, removing obstructions from your furnace and vent assembly and diagnosing and repairing gas leaks.

Ask about our annual maintenance clean and check program to catch issues before they become costly and jeopardizing your comfort in Michigan's cold winters. Our maintenance program can identify dangerous conditions such as carbon monoxide buildup, and gas leaks.

Commercial Furnace Replacement

Before we completely replace your furnace we will look into whether rebuilding your current unit would be more cost effective. Our in house sheet metal fabrication studio allows us to repair units successfully even when other companies can't.

However, if you are building new construction, remodeling, or your current unit has outlived its life we offer furnace replacement. We sell a variety of different furnace make and models suitable for commercial buildings from schools and churches to office buildings and apartment complexes.

Once your new furnace is installed, we suggest you sign up for one of our maintenance programs so you can get the maximum life and use from your new heating system.